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With other lines of paper, you’re forced to make difficult decisions

Typical freesheet papers are designed for brightness and use more trees and chemicals than the paper you need. The high opacity paper in the Align selection, however, delivers the brightness levels needed for most print applications, but without the environmental cost of a traditional freesheet. In fact, Align grades use up to 50% less wood fiber than freesheet. Of course, as raw material costs continue to increase, using a paper that requires fewer resources makes sense for your budget as well as the world around us.

Higher Yield Saves Money

A higher yield thanks to Align’s greater bulk and opacity at a lower basis weight

The Right Product For The Right Application

The perfect paper for almost all of today’s marketing and communications applications

Reduced Environmental Impact

A smaller environmental footprint than traditional offset papers – including some papers containing recycled content

Environmental Certifications

Chain of custody and sustainable forestry management certified